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The system of "citizenship by investment" sale exists since 1984: Saint Kitts and Nevis.
Six countries allow investments for citizenship and several new ones are being prepared for launch.
In 2017 it was sold more than 5,000 legal citizenships.

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What are the advantages of a second citizenship?

You have probably thought about getting a second citizenship. Foreign passport allows you to live and work in another state without worrying about visas and deportation.
Moving around the world without visas and checks (Great Britain, Schengen countries, China, Canada, Argentina etc.).
Zero income taxe (in case of using certain legal schemes).
Privacy of personal capital and investments.
Independence from the political situation in the country.
"Emergency exit" in case of unstable local situation.

No matter whether you are a top-manager, freelance or a successful start-up CEO – everyone now has an opportunity to obtain a second citizenship.

Investor. Morning in Singapore, evening in Berlin, tomorrow in London.
CEO of a successful start-up flying around the world to meet with investors.
Traveler. Just a fan of visiting places without any restrictions.
Freelance artist. Bali, Prague, Paris, Goa, Caribbean - works anywhere.
Architect. Now he truly builds worldwide.
Successful developer. Can afford a second citizenship even with the average salary of $180 000 per year.
Just Millionaire, not willing to spend much.

How does it work?

User signs the contract, sends documents, makes a payment
The state issues a passport and send it by post in case a person meets all the stated requirements
Now you live and work in a new country
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Verification process is initiated by WhiteChain
If the first stage is successfully passed, public authorities of the host country initiate own verification process


  • Is the purchase of a citizenship legal?
    The system of “citizenship by investment” sale exists since 1984. In the current form, it exists for 10 years already. Citizenship by investment is possible in more than 10 countries, including the Great Britain and Austria.
  • How do large countries allow “investment citizens”? This can be anyone!
    Only a person that has passed a comprehensive verification by third-party detective agency (Due Diligence) can become a citizen. These detective agencies are American companies that act as guarantors of new world citizen “purity”. Sources of funds, assets, relations etc. are a subject for investigation. All risks are carried by these organizations.
  • What if I change my mind?
    After depositing the initial funds, their transformation according to the rules as well as subtraction of agency fees and Due Diligence payment, money remains on your personal account in dollar equivalent. You can stop the process and keep money on your personal account. However, you have to make the second part of the payment within 6 months. After this period, you will have to deposit the first part again.
  • Is it possible to restore the citizenship?
    Restoration of citizenship “by blood” is a basic procedure in any country. Thus, if you decide to renounce this citizenship, you can always do the procedure of obtaining the citizenship of any country again.
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